Frequently Asked Questions about Nightmares


Verses on Nightmares - Ps. 4:8; 127:1-2; Phil. 4:8-9


Does God understand when we hurt at nighttime, when it is dark?

Look up these verses. Ps.19:2; 74:16; 91:5; 139:12; 1 Kings 8:39; 2 Chron. 6:30; Ps. 34:18; 147:3


What do I do about reoccurring nightmares?
You are going to have to come to grips with Rom. 8:28. Is this verse true or not? If it is true, then the past abuse and present nightmares are going to be used by God for good. Are you afraid of things that you know are going to turn out good? Of course not! I personally think much of your fear is from not believing this verse. Believing this verse will reduce your stress and decrease your nightmares.
As it gets dark at night and before you go to bed, look in the back of the books Todd and Susan Cook wrote, and look for subjects you are dealing with to read the Bible verses or devotions. Instead of stuffing the memories and emotions, take them to God in prayer. Stuffing only brings it back later in a nightmare. Instead write out the memories or the emotion on one side of a piece of paper and a Bible verse on the other side of the paper that counteracts or deals with the problem. Meditate on how the verse deals with the memory. You can get verses from the index of the books.

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